Important Update Regarding Unknown Bird Illness. OK to Get Back to Feeding the Birds!

We know it's been tough not feeding your backyard birds while wildlife experts have been investigating reports of a mysterious bird illness across several states this spring and summer. We're happy to share that the Connecticut Audubon Society along with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection officials have given the "all clear" for bird feeding now that cases have declined sharply.

The health and well-being of birds is our number one priority and we want to thank you for helping in those efforts. If you haven't already, be sure to clean and sanitize your feeders and bird baths before refilling them. Also make sure your feeding areas are tidy as you invite birds back. To learn how, review our recommendations for Responsible Bird Feeding.

We hope your birds will be happy to see the feeding stations open for business once again. And we look forward to seeing you back in the store soon!